Robyn Cuthbertson, owner of Robyn J Designs, sat at her quilting machine as she creates artwork.

About Me

I’m Robyn- colour lover, thread addict and constant creator of crazy ideas at 3am! I love pushing the boundaries of thread and quilting, exploring how it can combine with technology to create exciting new adventures.
I’m also an award-winning artist, executing my designs to perfection, adding the finishing touches that take a piece from good to incredible. It’s this knowledge I bring to the products I offer you.
Vibrant quilted artwork, with a laser-cut wooden frame, by textile artist Robyn Cuthbertson.

My journey to quilting

Robyn Cuthbertson using her quilting machine to complete a new piece of textile art.Blue quilting icon for Robyn J Designs.
Science has always fascinated me. The way in which the complex world around us can be broken down into simple equations is breathtaking. This has led to a deep love of exploration and experimentation within my textile work.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I studied Science and Engineering at Melbourne University and thought that would be my future. But as so often happens, life had other ideas. I have a genetic illness that eventually forced me to give up my PhD. With no idea what to do with my life, my Mum suggested I try quilting. Skeptical, but with nothing to lose, I pulled out my Grandma’s 40 year old Pfaff and it was love at first stitch!
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Given my background in engineering, it was perhaps inevitable I would find a way to combine my passion for technology with my love of quilting. In my work I constantly seek to push the boundaries of my medium, exploring new ways in which textiles can be expressed. My fusion of quilting with laser cut woodwork challenges pre-conceived notions of quilting, inviting the viewer to question what is possible if one only dares to imagine.
My experiments with technology arose from a desire to frame my work in a variety of shapes and sizes. Finding no satisfactory solution readily available I decided to investigate the use of a laser-cutter. The development of my own laser-cut frames has allowed me to create frames that are so much more than just that. The have become a continuation of the textile work, complementing, and accentuating the designs. 

They allow each artwork to emerge beyond the confines of the fabric and add an extra dimension to the piece. Utilising a holistic approach, I design both textile work and frame together, allowing me to create a piece that speaks more fully of my inspiration and intention then either aspect alone ever could.
Robyn Cuthbertson from Robyn J Designs working on a quilted artwork in her studio.
A laser cut frame being placed on a unique artwork using a quilted medium.
From here it was a short step to realising I could create wearable art, in the form of patchwork jewellery, and make such pieces available to everybody in the form of my Mini Makes kits.

When I was forced to leave University, it seemed that I had run out of options, yet now I look around and all I see is possibilities.
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Award-winning Artist
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Unique Designs
A pair of patchwork jewelry earrings with vibrant orange and purple colours, made by artist Robyn Cuthbertson.

Contemporary Quilting

I strongly believe that embracing technology in textiles is vital if quilting is to remain relevant for future generations. Working in what is often a very analogue craft, it is easy to feel intimidated by technology’s ever encroaching presence. Yet by utilising what technology has to offer, we can open the door to a whole new realm of possibilities. 

Even without a background such as mine, it is easy to begin exploring. While it can feel overwhelming, information has never been more accessible. With no more than a few clicks, it is amazing how much we are able to learn, explore and create.
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My Five Forms of Fusion

Vase art created with laser cut wood and quilting.


Allowing the quilting to mimic the elegant forms of the vases shape creates a beautiful design, set off my some fun greenery.
A pink and grey patchwork earring created by Robyn J Designs.


It’s always a pleasure to find a novel way to wear something that shows who we are.
Bright coloured quilting artwork framed with a laser cut wooden shape.


Creating frames that continue the quilting design into the frame, allows for a more complex artwork.
Unique wooden sculpture with quilted artwork created by Robyn Cuthbertson.


These free-standing figures allow the quilting to be presented in a form not normally possible for a 2-dimensional medium.
Intricate art using contours created by Robyn Cuthbertson.


The contours surrounding my home were mapped out, and inset with quilted segments showing the joys found in my local area.

Award-winning Textile Art

Award-winning colourful quilt work by Robyn Cuthbertson of Robyn J Designs.
While awards definitely aren’t everything, having spent around 8 years fine-tuning my practice in show quilting, I know how much you learn in this arena.

Over the years I’ve learnt what it takes to create-award winning designs, how to execute them to perfection, the finishing touches that take a piece from good to incredible. And now I’m able to bring all that knowledge to the products I offer you.
My Textile Art
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AQS Paducah 2024

3rd Miniature Quilts –In Plain Sight
As one of the most elite quilt shows in the world, winning an award here has been one of the highlights of my quilting career.
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Victorian Quilter’s Showcase 2022

Runner up Best of Show –Circles in Bloom
This quilt was an epic one, not only twice the size of my usual quilts, but also involving detailed trapunto techniques to create the effect of painted raised circles. 
Blue quilting icon for Robyn J Designs.

Sydney Quilt Show 2022

Viewer’s Choice – Toffee Apple
While having a quilt acknowledge by judges is an amazing feeling, to receive that acknowledgement from your peers and the general public is something else entirely. 
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Ok, enough about me...

Want some of the good stuff for yourself? Check out my stock of fun mini patchwork earring kits…
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